Appeal For American Beaten And Robbed In Sihanoukville

On April. 10.2020 our little world turned upside-down and changed forever!

On this day, my son Mikey (Michael Grueneberg Jr.) was viciously attacked, robbed and savagely beaten. Leaving him for dead, on  a dark and dirty sidewalk in Sihanoukville, Cambodia; the attackers fled into the dark of night.

Someone, not known at this time, alerted a family member and Mikey was rushed by ambulance to the capital city, Phnom Penh.

He was merely clinging on to his life, when he was admitted into The Royal Phnom Penh Hospitals ICU-Unit.

His diagnoses was/is bleak:

 – severe head trauma in several locations

– severe abrasions on neck and shoulders

– bruised lungs on both sides

– internal bleedings and bruised organs

– many large cuts and bruising throughout the entire body

 Until today, Mikey has shown some progress, but is still in critical (stable) condition.

 He will need several brain-surgery’s once he becomes more stable.

The cost will be around $80000.- ++

Mikey is an American Citizen and we did not apply for any travel insurance, unfortunately. The cost for Mikey’s care is tremendous,
and we have already exhausted all our means!

Close friends have stepped in financially to keep him under the needed medical care.

Mikey is the father of 3-year-old Marlo, my grandson, who means Everything to him. Anyone who knows both of them will vouch    for that. None of us can even imagine for a little 3-year-old boy to   grow-up without a father…

 We realize that among us we will not be able to cover the cost and therefore reaching out to the world!

 We want to save Mikey’s life and asking for Your help,

 “Please give a donation to save Mikey’s live !!” GOFUNDME

CNE cannot verify the authenticity of these claims, and is in no way involved with the appeal.

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