Chinese Violence In SHK; 1 Dead, Others Injured

 Sihanoukville: Various sources in Khmer and Chinese say a violent attack occurred in Sihanoukville. Chinese nationals attacked their own countrymen with sharp weapons (knives and/or swords), causing 1 death and 3 serious injuries.

The incident occurred at 10 am in the “Sweet Queen” dessert shop in Sangkat 2, Sihanoukville.

It has been reported that the deceased was Chu (32 years old) and the owner of the dessert shop; the three injured were all Chinese, including the deceased’s girlfriend and two shop assistants.

Police say the murderer was a fellow Chinese national. After committing the crime, he jumped from a building and suffered serious injury.

The police are now looking at CCTV footage and investigating the incident.

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