Chinese COVID-19 Case On Cambodian Flight

According to a report from the Guangzhou Health and Welfare Commission of China, a Chinese man doing business in Cambodia was diagnosed with COVID-19 after landing on flight LQ908 from Cambodia on April 3.

The notice of Guangzhou Health and Health Commission is as follows:

It is understood that flight LQ908 is a flight from Sihanoukville-Phnom Penh-Guangzhou, but the information released so far is not clear which city the man departed from.

Yesterday, the Sichuan Provincial Health Commission also notified a case of a confirmed diagnosis of a British student who returned to China via a Cambodian flight.

A total of 21 people have been diagnosed with the virus on flights from Cambodia. Among them, 12 people had been staying in Cambodia, and 9 people were on flights that transited through the country.

Cambodia reported no cases of Covid-19 for third day running.

The Kingdom has confirmed 114 cases in total with 53 making full recoveries and no deaths recorded.

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