Rappers Accused Of Immoral Lyrics And Upsetting Culture

Phnom Penh: At least 5 songs that have been heavily shared on social media have been issued a criticism letter by the Khmer Writers Association after these songs were cited as seriously affecting social wellbeing.

The songs include MC Bull’s “Locked In”, Sophomore’s “You Big On”, Vida’s “You’re Beautiful When You Are”, Vanda’s “Hot Boy” and “Boeng Tampun” Tempo Tris. 

According to the association’s official statement, the new rap songs have a strong impact on the culture of society, and have been promoted on social media and YouTube without the permission of the relevant ministry.

The letter states that the association does not support the songs, while the composers are neither members of the Khmer composers nor trained by the Khmer composers’ association. 

The Association also considers the release of these songs as a counter to the numerous instructions issued by the Ministry of Culture and the Arts, which prohibits the release of material that can affect social morality. 

In addition, the association also promotes and respects the creative freedom of all songwriters who do not compromise their dignity and social morality. The association asks the relevant ministries in charge of this work to be aware and take action.

It is worth noting that in recent times, many people have sent out critical messages on some of the song’s lyrics, which in some ways imply improper motives, pushing young people into bad actions, rather than promote educational meanings. Recently, Tempo Trist’s song “Wanted Two Wives” has also come under fire. 

The Ministry of Culture has encouraged artists to write good works, which have a social meaning. NKD

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