Yoga Tourist Comes Out Of Forest, Finds Bars Closed

Ratanakiri: An American man who has spent the past few months in a hidden yoga retreat in the hills 20 km outside Banlung has expressed his disappointment at discovering that bars on Bassac Lane have been closed.

Tom Eagleburger, 32 of Denver Colorado, told CNE that he has spent the past 120 days in a a state of meditative contemplation at the secret camp in the forests of the northern province ‘Reflecting, and going on an inner journey of self discovery”.

Surviving on a vegan based diet of jungle roots and a spoonful of rice a day, Tom has lost 6 kg in weight since he began his course, where he spent up to 18 hours a day in total silence, sitting cross legged with his eyes shut to align his chakras.

“After coming out, my body and mind are feeling as, one. It’s like nothing I’ve ever known” he said.

Tom took a private taxi straight from the retreat to Phnom Penh, and headed for his favorite night time haunt Bassac Lane.

“I couldn’t wait to get a craft cocktail at Le Boutier, and maybe a double vegan burger at Meat and Drink, where I could tell everyone about my awesome experiences.”

However, when he arrived on St 308, he found the bars were all closed.

“I don’t understand it” he said, “the taxi driver was trying to explain something, but we couldn’t really communicate. I then asked him to take me to 136 for some Candy Bar poon, but all the flange bars were locked up too.”

Tom looked wistfully down the quiet riverside streets. “What’s going on man?” he asked.

2 thoughts on “Yoga Tourist Comes Out Of Forest, Finds Bars Closed

  • April 1, 2020 at 8:36 am

    Another story!!
    Many like this doing the rounds on Social media.
    Last version was an American woman.
    So he was in the Forest 20kms out of Banlung.

    How did he get to Phnom Penh.
    Presume he got a minibus from Banlung to PP.
    So nobody told him about the Virus…yea, pull the other one.

    At least he got his 10 minutes of fame.


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