Another Chinese Diagnosed After Flight From Cambodia

Changsha, China: At 23:05 on March 25th, a case of COVID-19 was reported in Kaifu District (Changsha No. 1 Hospital) of Changsha City, Hunan province. The result came after tests on 24-year-old man who arrived in Guangzhou on 25th from Cambodia, where he had been working in a restaurant.

The situation was briefly reported as follows:

I. Basic information: Qiu Mouwei, male, 24 years old, worked in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in May 2019 to serve the catering industry. On March 24, wearing a mask, gloves, goggles, and isolation clothing, he returned from Cambodia at 22:35 (9C8530), seat number 26B. Arrived at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport at 2:00 on the 25th, he registered information, measured body temperature, and gave swabs for testing, and then waited at the airport terminal.

When returning to the security check at Changsha, Baiyun Airport, he his protective clothes and gloves in trash can, wearing only goggles and masks, and took another flight (CZ3129) back to Changsha at 8:30 on the 25th.

The seat number was R47C and arrived at Huanghua Airport at 9:55. After taking the temperature and registration information at Huanghua Airport, he received information from his father (who’s phone number he had used as a contact) that the Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Customs had said his test results had come back positive.

At 14:00, the airport sent a special ambulance to the North Hospital of Changsha First Hospital (Changsha Public Health Rescue Center). He said he had no discomfort such as fever or cough.

Chinese authorities found 16 people in 3 provinces that had come into close contact with the man and have taken them for tests and quarantine.

*This report is the latest of which Chinese returning from Cambodia are found to be carrying COVID-19. Photo used is not related to the story.

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