Vietnamese Noodles Sellers Attacked In Kandal

Kandal: A Vietnamese couple were sleeping in their noodle stall when an unknown suspect came and attacked them with knives, injuring both of them. The suspect then escaped.

This happened at 1:10 am, March 30, 2020, near the market in Chrey Thom village, Sampov Pou commune, Koh Thom district, Kandal province.

Nguyen Young, a 59-year-old male Vietnamese, who was selling noodles and Deng Thy Young, 57 year old, Vietnamese woman were left with serious injuries.

On March 29, 2020, after a night of work, the two victims slept in their noodle stall before the attack.

After the knife man began slashing at them, the victims called to a nearby fruit vendor for help and the suspect fled the scene. The victims were taken to Vietnam for treatment (*although the border is closed).

Police are investigating. POST NEWS

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