Barred Chengdu Flight Passengers Allowed To Leave

Angkor Times News:  On the early morning of the 29th, QD738A flight from Phnom Penh to Chengdu was not allowed to enter Chinese airspace and made to return to Cambodia. About 50 or 60 passengers on the flight were transit passengers from Jakarta and Manila, and there were also 35 students who were transiting to Cambodia from Britain, and a small number of Chinese in Cambodia departing from Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville.

There were 146 passengers on the QD738A flight that was refused entry. 4 passengers chose to be refunded and purchased other tickets on their own. 21 others took CZ324 flight from Phnom Penh to Guangzhou this morning, and 121 passengers took the 11:30 am, QD738 flight from Phnom Penh to Chengdu.

The Cambodian airline JC, which is flying, provided passengers with free board and lodging and related protective equipment such as N95 masks, protective clothing and goggles. Many passengers in the flight contact group thanked the airline for their careful arrangements and the coordination and help of all parties.

Most of the passengers on the QD738A flight were transferred from Indonesia, the United Kingdom to Cambodia and returned to their home countries. Some of them have been in transit for 3 days, and the return journey has been set back.

Mr. Lin (pseudonym), who studied in Zurich, Switzerland, told the Angkor Times reporter that he and his friends left Zurich at 4 pm on March 27 and arrived in Doha, Qatar at 11 pm. At 2 am on the 28th, he flew from Doha to Vietnam again. After stopping for an hour in Vietnam, he finally reached Phnom Penh at about 3:30 pm.

As their last stop on their way home, Cambodia’s JC Airlines flight QD738A took off from Phnom Penh at 23:10 on March 28th, and was originally scheduled to arrive at Chengdu Airport in the early morning of the 29th.

However, at 00:40 on March 29, the flight received air traffic control instructions and could not enter Chinese airspace. The plane was over Laos and had to return to Cambodia.

In order to prevent infection and affect others, Mr. Lin and friends hadbeen wearing masks on airplane trips for more than 20 hours, and wiped their hands with disinfectant every 20 minutes, which made their hands hot and painful.

It is understood that many passengers on the plane did not eat or drink during the whole process, to reduce the frequency of going to the toilet.

Mr. Ai (pseudonym) was one of the many passengers who returned from Indonesia to Cambodia on the flight . According to Mr. Ai (pseudonym), his air ticket is about 10,000 yuan. 

In order to control the epidemic, Indonesia has temporarily banned all foreigners from entering the country since March 20. Mr. Ai said if he cannot enter the country, and if cannot return to China, he can only stay in Cambodia, a place he does not know.

Fortunately, with the coordination of the airline, Mr. Ai will return to China on the flight arranged by the airline today.

Mr. Ai also told reporters that 300 to 500 people will be transferred from Indonesia to Cambodia in the follow-up, and will enter China before Cambodia’s cancellation of the visa on arrival policy will be implemented on the 31st, and today will be the last day for foreigners to enter Cambodia.

Miss Wang (pseudonym) from Sihanoukville flew from the city to Phnom Penh on the same day with a few friends, and then flew back to Chengdu on the QD738A flight, but the return of the plane disrupted her plans.

Ms. Wang told the Angkor Times reporter that the airline has already arranged the flight, but the health of the plane’s people is worrying because “There was too much noise on the plane yesterday. As long as there is only one case on the plane, it is all over . “

Ms. Wang expressed her concern about the transfer of British students. “Some British students have already transferred through three countries and are afraid of any problems. In the end, the passengers of this plane are in trouble later. We have isolated more than ten days by ourselves before leaving Sihanoukville. “

Another passenger, Mr. He (a pseudonym), also told reporters, “Now I am worried that they are at high risk of infection. A few cases have been diagnosed in China in almost 3-5 days.”

Mr. He said that he and his four friends were from Phnom Penh, who had also left Sihanoukville. Mr. He used to run hotel business in Sihanoukville. Since COVID-19, he has been afraid of leaving. Mr. He did not return to the country during the Spring Festival. “At that time, the country was serious. Who can think that it is changing so fast now?”
According to Mr. He’s estimation, there are tens of thousands of Chinese people in Sihanoukville, and many of them want to walk away. “Investment, salary delay, many reasons.”

Mr. He told reporters that the regulations in the latter countries are strengthened, and the price of air tickets is expensive, and there may be few people returning to China.

Mr. He said, “Regardless of the outbreak in Cambodia, first of all, as of today, only one Chinese person was infected here, but many people were diagnosed here when they returned to China. What does it mean?”

According to the Guangzhou Health Commission on March 29, there was another new confirmed case of imported COVID-19 on a Chinese student who had traveled to Cambodia from Ireland and on to China.

One thought on “Barred Chengdu Flight Passengers Allowed To Leave

  • March 30, 2020 at 3:53 pm

    “Regardless of the outbreak in Cambodia, first of all, as of today, only one Chinese person was infected here, but many people were diagnosed here when they returned to China. What does it mean?”

    Obviously it means it’s running rampant in Sihanoukeville.
    Perhaps that’s why the Chinese medical team is there.


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