Indonesians Fled Thailand For Free Virus Treatment

Cambodia’s Ministery of Health have released more information on two Indonesians who traveled from Thailand and were found to be infected by COVID-19. A taxi driver who drove them from Poipet to Siem Reap is now in quarantine and awaiting test results.

The Ministry of Health spokeswoman told the press that the Indonesian men had visited a doctor in Phaya Thai Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand, examined and tested positive for COVID-19.

After Thailand announced that up to $ 100,000 in health insurance would be needed to be allowed into Thailand, they headed for Cambodia after hearing treatment would be provided free.

At the border they showed no symptoms or fever, and passed the scanner heat test.

They then hired a taxi to Siem Reap, and went straight to Siem Reap hospital.

They told doctors of being tested positive in Thailand but to confirm, Khmer doctors tested them again and saw positive result. KOHSANTEPHEAP

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