Traveling Back To China; One Woman’s Story

(Angkor Times News):  Recently, the number of confirmed cases COVID-19 in Cambodia has soared. Many have chosen to return to China to avoid the virus. What is the experience of returning to China in a special period? Ms. Jiang from Sichuan said she had been queuing for a long time.

Ms. Jiang and her husband developed real estate in Koh Kong Province. Because of fearing that Cambodia could not control the epidemic, they decided to return to the country.

Ms. Jiang boarded at Phnom Penh Airport on March 20 and landed at Chengdu Shuangliu Airport at 3:30 in the afternoon.Ms. Jiang said that as soon as the plane landed, several health and quarantine personnel wearing protective clothing went into the cabin and took away four or five young people. The young people were students studying in countries with severe epidemics and were being transferred back to Chengdu via Phnom Penh.

At 4:30 pm, staff wearing protective clothing took all passengers to the arrival hall. Entering the entry hall, Ms. Jiang found that all staff members were wearing white protective uniforms and could not see their looks clearly, as if they were at the scene of a “biochemical crisis”.Ms. Jiang said that there were many people waiting for entry, with seventy or eighty people lined up in each window. As the self-service channels were all closed, and only artificial windows, the formalities were very slow.

Passengers filled in the health declaration form first, and waited in line for the staff to check. If there was no abnormality in the health declaration, they received a release slip, then waited in line to have their temperature checked, and then waited in line for customs. People with abnormal conditions in their health declarations did not get the release slips. They had to wait in line to receive one-on-one inquiries from quarantine personnel. Ms. Jiang said that each line would take 1-2 hours. Her husband could not support himself because of a foot injury.

Finally, the staff allowed her and her husband to go through the special green passageway. The police bus arrived at the isolation hotel at 7:30 in the evening. For 4 hours, Ms. Jiang and her husband did not dare to take off their masks or drink water, and their bodies almost collapsed. Other passengers on the same flight took the general passageway and arrived at the hotel at 11:30 pm.

The reception staff in the hotel lobby were also all wearing protective clothing. Ms. Jiang and her husband were disinfected, temperatures taken, and registered for a nucleic acid test before being taken into different rooms.Ms. Jiang said that the hotel had one room for each person. Food is delivered to the door by the waiter. There is no contact during the whole journey.On the evening of March 22, Ms. Jiang’s nucleic acid test results came out and she was not infected with COVID-19. After that, the community neighborhood committee sent someone to the hotel to take Ms. Jiang back to her house, and kept her at home for 14 days. She was not allowed to go out during the period.

When asked when she would to return to Cambodia, Ms. Jiang said that all of the company’s technical staff had returned to China, and they would wait until the epidemic was stable before returning to work.Ms. Jiang also mentioned that the sights of Phnom Penh Airport and Shuangliu Airport are very different. The staff in Phnom Penh wore masks and gloves, but the customs procedures were the same as usual. It was impossible to screen all passengers.

Original Chinese language article written by  jinbianweekend

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