Special Charter Flight Takes Malaysians Home

Phnom Penh: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has released a statement on the official Facebook page this afternoon about a special flight taking 111 Malaysians out of Cambodia and allowing 6 Cambodians to return from Malaysia. It reads:

“Yesterday, officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation facilitated the process of allowing a special charter flight from Malaysia to take 111 Malaysians back home – those who could not return due to the recent travel restriction measures imposed by the Government of Malaysia.

At the same time, we also coordinated with the Malaysian Government to facilitate the return of 6 Cambodians got stranded in Malaysia via the above special charter flight.
For safety purposes, all 6 individuals received medical tests immediately at Chak Ang-re Hospital upon their return.

Malaysian Foreign Minister, H.E. Hishammudin Hussein, personally rang me to show his gratefulness for our facilitation of the return of the above Malyasians. We also took this opportunity to discuss how to combat the Covid-19 and strengthen our bilateral relations and cooperation under the ASEAN framework.

I once again congratulated H.E. Hussein on his appointment as Malaysian Foreign Minister since the 9th of March and thanked him for allowing our citizens to return home through their special charter flight. I also reassured him of our commitment in enhancing bilateral and multilateral cooperation.”

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