Kirivong Ganja Farm Destroyed

Takeo: An illegal marijuana cultivation site was found near Ba Yong Kao hill in Kirivong district (*Cambodia’s notorious ‘Green Triangle’), Takeo province, on Tuesday, March 24.

Lieutenant General Sok Samnang, Commissioner of Police of Takeo Provincial Police, led the Provincial Police Force, the Provincial Border Guard Battalion B 603 and a total of 150 police officers in Kirivong district.

A total of 9,971 square meters of cannabis cropland was found. Authorities destroyed 10 reservoirs holding 1,500 cubic meters of water and seized 8 kg of dried marijuana and dozens of plants were burned.

Currently, the task force is searching for the owner of the above site to be brought to justice. Brigadier General Dissolved the Chief of Village Chief to inform local people not to continue in the cannabis cultivation trade.

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