River Cruise Passengers Finish Quarantine

Kampong Cham: 53 out of more than 60 tourists who were aboard the Viking Cruise and isolated in Kampong Cham province were allowed to leave the Mekong Hotel on the evening of March 24, 2020 after 14 days of quarantine and three COVID-19 tests. 

This evening, March 24, 2020, Kampong Cham Provincial Governor, U Chan Chada, said that after three samples were taken and they passengers spent 14 days in isolation. This evening the provincial administration and officials from the Ministry of Health decided to allow the group of 53 tourists to leave the Mekong Hotel and go back to their home country.

According to the Kompong Cham governor, the Provincial Health Department issued their health certificates for their return home. Four other tourists were monitored by health officials.

Three cases of COVID-19 were found in tests on fellow passengers. After being treated in Phnom Penh until March 22, 2020, a British woman has now recovered and allowed to return home. FAST NEWS

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