Authorities; No Phnom Penh Shut Down

Phnom Penh: Phnom Penh Municipal spokesman Meth Meas Pheakdey has dismissed a number of social media reports falsely claiming that authorities will shut down Phnom Penh to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The reaction from the Phnom Penh Municipal spokesman came after a voice mail was sent to social media users, stating that the authorities were planning to shut down Phnom Penh.

A Fresh News report says the spokesman stated that: ‘information that (the city) will close is purely false information. Please do not trust and do not forward this message to (create) the confusion.

With the announcement of the denial, a spokesman for the Phnom Penh Municipality confirmed that authorities were searching for the recording maker to take legal action. 

Entertainment venues, along with museums and schools have already been closed.

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