Cambodians In Korea Contract COVID-19

South Korea: The Embassy in South Korea has announced that two Cambodian women aged 23 and 46, along with a three-month-old son have been infected with COVID-19.

They live in Buschon, about 20 kilometers from Seoul, and caught the virus COVID-19 from the young woman’s Korean husband. 

The husband had been diagnosed with COVID-19 on March 07, 2020 and had been quarantined and treated.

On the night of March 21, 2020, Korean doctors referred them to Mengji Hospital for treatment. The embassy is currently gathering more information and coordinating with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Korea, the Health Authority, Il-San Meng Hospital and other relevant authorities.

Ambassador of the Kingdom of Cambodia HE Long Dimanche said earlier that the two Cambodians infected were otherwise in good health.

His Excellency Long Dimanche wrote: “This morning, I spoke with a sister who had COVID 19 with a telephone call from the hospital with the permission of the Korean Health Authority. The sister, her mother and her son who was just 3 months old (are in) better health, including mental health .

He added that the Cambodian embassy, ​​including himself, will continue to monitor the health of the women and baby, as well as provide cooperation with all relevant Korean authorities. SWIFT

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