Cambodia-Vietnam Border Update

Phnom Penh– A Cambodia-Vietnam Bilateral Meeting on Trade Exchange was held on the afternoon of March 19, 2020, co-chaired by Dr. Kun Nim, the Government Delegate in charge of the General Department of General Department. Customs and Excise and Men Vibol, Governor of Svay Rieng Province, accompanied by relevant authorities of Bavet International Border Gate Freight Forwarders Association and delegates on the Cambodian side.

The Vietnamese side was headed by governor of Tay Ninh, accompanied by Vice President Tay Ninh provincial Department of Customs and the officials from the international border gate of Moc Bai.

The meeting unanimously approved the following four resolutions:

1: Let trucks reach the ‘white zone’ and change the driver.
2: Let trucks reach the ‘white zone’ and change the trailer.
3. Allow trucks to reach the ‘white zone’ and transfer goods or transfer containers from one vehicle to another.
4: Allow trucks from the Vietnamese side to any dry dock near the border to transfer goods and to be able to carry goods exported from Cambodia, requiring the driver to wear a virus protection suit, which is authorized by law. The relevant authorities in Cambodia are asked to cooperate to ensure that drivers do not go off the route or come into contact with other people.

Both parties agreed to disseminate these solutions to merchants involved in the transport of goods, and businesses can choose whichever is best for them, following the protection measures introduced.

To resolve the congestion at the border, the two sides decided to allow immediate action and for March 19, 2020, the relevant authorities agreed to facilitate the operation until 10 pm.

The four options will be applied to every post on the border in Vietnam’s Tay Ninh province and both sides agreed to continue cooperating in resolving future challenges. (Source: Fresh News)

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