Traffic Enforcement Police Hit By Drunk Driver

Phnom Penh: Police officers were seriously injured while enforcing traffic laws against driving under the influence of alcohol by a drunk man.

Three officers were taken by ambulance to Calmette Hospital, with one seriously injured.

The incident occurred at 11:35 pm on March 11, 2020 along Monivong Road in front of Wat Koh in Daun Penh district’s Boeng Raing commune.

According to sources from Daun Penh district, the officers were following the orders from Phnom Penh Municipal Police for all 14 capital districts to enforce traffic laws between 10 pm until 2:30 pm. 

The drunk driver was named as 33-year-old Chhay Kimhuon, of Sen Sok District, who works at the Ministry of Tourism. He hit the officers in his Highlander, while trying to escape the road check.

The driver of the car was found by the Bureau of Road Traffic and Alcohol Inspection team to have an alcohol reading of 0.78 (the legal limit is 0.5).

After the incident, the driver of the car was handcuffed and taken to the traffic police office to make a case to be sent to court for legal action. NKD

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