Battambang Market Cleans Up Outside Traders

Battambang: On the morning of March 11, Battambang Provincial Police organized a written order and put an end to illicit trade outside Psar Nat market in Battambang city.

The deputy commissioner confirmed that the task force will make the streets around the market more orderly and traffic officers will also enforce traffic laws, such as riding a motorcycle without a helmet, driving in the wrong direction, and disorderly parking.

Meanwhile, Battambang Municipal Inspector Chang Vann Chhay said that this was in compliance with the orders of the Provincial Commissioner.

The Inspector confirmed that the plan would be to maintain good order around the market and not allow vendors on the streets around the outside.

From now on, there will be no more merchandise sold on the streets around the market and there will be regular inspections.

He also said that by applying the law to maintain order, it appears that businesses seem to agree. But most of the businessmen who have lost their shops are complaining, although they are not opposed to a competent plan, they need to find other markets to sell at and this will make life more difficult. MCPN

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