Siem Reap Emergency Meeting

Siem Reap: On the morning of 8 March 2020, the board of governors in Siem Reap chaired an emergency meeting over COVID-19 to resolve the crisis and put in place measures.

The meeting is circulated to fellow citizens, who are asked not to fear, and will begin feasibility studies to help enterprises, especially the lives of employees.

After discussion, then governor imposed measures and recommends the following :

1 . Keeping track of the facts and taking action against “fake news” both online and rumor spreading. Provincial authorities will take legal action against those spreading false information.

2 . A campaign in partnership with youth, private sector officials to join the antivirus program in urban centers and other key places.

3 . Department of Health Commissioner to relay the information that those isolated, one man was tested positive, with three other Cambodians not.

4 . Continue regular development of infrastructure to prepare for guests after the end of the crisis

5 . Continue to clean the Siem Reap River.

6 . The 12 districts are preparing potential tourism , eco-tourism and culture ideas for the next year.

7 . Food inspections by Camcontrol be examined carefully. PPR

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