COVID-19 Passenger From Siem Reap “Unconfirmed”

Vietnamese news media have reported a Japanese national who flew from Siem Reap via HCMC to Nagoya Japan has been found to have the COVID-19 virus. However, Cambodian authorities have questioned this.

After these reports, it was stressed in KAMPUCHEA THMEY that there has been no official confirmation on this, and the governor of Siem Reap has taken preventative measures.

According to the Siem Reap provincial administration, it was confirmed earlier that news had been circulating that a Japanese national had been infected with COVID -19, which flew from Siem Reap International Airport through Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and then to Japan.

Responding to the news, provincial governor Tia Seyha indicated that the Japanese national is a resident and doing business in Siem Reap, not a tourist. Provincial authorities are paying close attention to this issue in collaboration with the Japanese Consulate in Siem Reap, the Department of Health and the Ministry of Health. 

According to the provincial health official and the Japanese Consulate in the province/

The Japanese side confirmed that the Japanese Ministry of Health has not officially notified that the Japanese person has been infected.

At the same time, the Governor advised the relevant health officials and authorities and cooperated with the Ministry of Health to come up with measures to prepare for the prevention and investigate this case, though no official confirmation has been issued.

At the same time, the Siem Reap provincial administration also called on the public, national and international journalists to wait for official reports on the case from the Japanese side as well as the Ministry of Health of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

UPDATE: The Ministry of Information has released this press notice:

The (Japanese) man traveled to Cambodia on February 16, 2020, through Vietnam, and arrived in the Philippines on February 21. He confirmed that he was unwell on February 21 (Nagaya TV and TBS TV in Japanese). He returned to Cambodia on February 28, and on March 3 went to the hospital (in an unnamed country) (information from a Japanese foreign official). Regarding going to the hospital, Nagoya TV has confirmed that he has difficulty breathing. The man left Siem Reap Airport at 20:57, March 3, 2020 on VN814, 33D seat to Tan Son Nhat Airport, Ho Chi Minh City, and then transferred VN340 2C to Nagoya (According to http: //

A press conference is due to be held at 3 pm today.

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