Camry Flips After Tuk Tuk Clip

Phnom Penh: A man drove his car into a Passapp tuk-tuk, causing damage damage, but no injuries.

The incident took place at 11 pm on March 3, 220, at the corner of Route 101, corner of Street 266, in the Boeng Trabek district of Chamkar Morn.

Witnesses at the scene said that before the incident, some tuk tuks were parked on Street 466 waiting for fares, when a white Camry, Phnom Penh 2AR9383, traveling down 466 at high speed (*reportedly while making a phone call) hit a tuk tuk and overturned. Fortunately no people were injured.

After the incident, the police came to the scene and took the car to the Chamkar Morn Police Department to wait for legal action. MCPN

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