Last Dance Turns Violent At PP Wedding

Phnom Penh: A wedding, almost at its conclusion, erupted into violence between neighbors and the groom, resulting in injuries to the groom’s mouth and teeth.

The incident occurred at 10:50 pm on March 2, 2020 in Sangkat Chbar Ampov 2, Chbar Ampov district. Neither side was identified, but it was reported that the groom had suffered injuries, along with his brother, while three neighbors suffered minor injuries.

According to sources, neighbors who had homes in front of the wedding hall were not invited to the party and told the groom not to sing anymore because it was too late. But the groom just wanted to sing for a little while longer, which turned into an argument, which descended into violence involving glasses and a knife.

The police called both sides, who lodged separate complaints. They were sent home until morning 3rd of March, when the police called both sides back to discuss and resolve the issue. MCPN

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