CDC: No New Virus Cases

The Department of Communicable Diseases (CDC) has announced that no more cases of coronavirus have been found on March 1, 2020

A total of 92 patients at the Institut Pasteur. No COVID-19 virus was found.

No coronavirus was detected from those who returned home from the Wsterland.

Dr Ly Sovan, director of the Ministry of Health’s communicable disease control department, said the emergency response team had more than 2,000 epidemiologists trained to respond to the epidemic and investigate suspected cases across the country.

Passengers are being monitored at all entrances along the borders of Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, the sea and the three international airports

The Pasteur Institute of Cambodia is working day and night, testing samples from around the country

Two more laboratories are being set up by the Ministry of Health to assist in further testing.
10 specialists are manning the phone hotline 115

To report suspected cases from people from all over the country.
For more information, please contact our Hotline 115. PPR

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