Cambodian Woman Gives Birth On Border

Thailand: A Cambodian woman from Kampong Thom provincem who went to work in Thailand gave birth in a car in the province of Sa Kaeo. She was traveling back to Cambodia in order to give birth in Sampov Loun district.

The incident happened at 7:40 am on Saturday February 29, 2020,near the border crossing in Khlong Hat, Sa Kaeo Province, Thailand.

A Ford had stopped near the international border when a Thai military women learned that there was a Cambodian worker who had gone into labor.

The female Thai soldier in the border guard force No. 13 at Khao Ding International checkpoint said she initially felt worried, but because she had previously been on training courses, she tried hard to help both mother and the baby girl. 

The Cambodian worker has been admitted to Sampov Loun district referral hospital.

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