Armed Robbery Suspect Busted After 12 Years On The Lam

Ratanakkiri : A wanted suspect who had been hiding out in Thailand for 12 years was arrested by the provincial police at 11:40 am March 2, 2020.

According to Kang Sophanna, deputy chief of police who led the force to enforce the warrant, the arrested person was Vorn Sokun, 37, who was wanted from a warrant dated February 17, 2009.

Von Sokun, along with his accomplices, carried out an armed robbery and fled. He has been working in Thailand for the past 12 years. Supposing his case was over or that the court forgot, he decided to return to his homeland and was arrested immediately.

According to the order for the arrest, he had charged with “armed robbery and robbery of people’s property” on 4 August 2008, in Sdao commune.

Arriving in prison on his own, Vann Sokun seemed shocked because he did not expect his welcome back home. He admitted to being involved in the robbery, but said “After committing (the crime) I escaped to work as a fruit laborer in Thailand, but I am told that 12 years have ended, the case was closed and I returned home and was arrested.”

Kang Sophanna, deputy director of the Office of Criminal Justice, confirmed that his forces are now preparing to send the accused V to the provincial court to hand over the case to the judge. MCPN

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