Chinese Trio Kidnap Borrowing Gambler

Sihanoukville: Three suspects were arrested and one victim was rescued at 10 am on February 25, 2020, after a Chinese national reported the kidnapping of a friend to extort money.

The provincial criminal police force then cooperated with the Sihanoukville police, under the coordination of the prosecutor, to check out a location at the Aliyah Hotel, 3rd floor, Room 83313 in Sangkat 4 and detained the three suspects.

Xia Da Li, a 35-year-old, Yan Lei, 36 years old and Zhou Ji Yu Male, 32, were all Chinese nationals.

The victim, Zhang Cong, a 29-year-old male, was rescued and had ben beaten.

The victim had borrowed money to gamble at a casino, and when he lost it and couldn’t pay back his debts, he was taken and tortured.

The three suspects, along with evidence will face court. MCPN

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