Drifting Taiwanese Fisherman COVID-19 Negative

Koh Kong: According to a report from the Koh Kong Provincial Department of Health, on February 25, 2020, health officials responded after four fishermen were detained in a village in Koh Kapi, Koh Kong district, Koh Kong province.

The four Taiwanese nationals detained are listed below:
2. LIAW Chuen, 64
3. Yeh Chun-Yin, 67
4. MAI Sheng-I, 42 years old.

The four Taiwanese nationals went on a fishing boat out of Taiwan on January 6, 2020 and arrived in February 22, 2020, after drifting at sea following engine trouble. They hadn’t landed in any other country before arriving in Cambodia.

According to the medical examination of Cambodian health officials, they had normal temperatures and no respiratory problems.

The Taiwanese ship is currently docked on the outskirts of Koh Kong for repairs to its engines. KBN

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