Kirivong Cannabis Cultivators Caught

Takeo: To eradicate the problem of illegal cultivation of illegal cannabis in Takeo province, especially in Kirivong district (*the Green Triangle), which has a complex geography favorable to the trade, Takeo police detained two suspects after a 2 day operation in 9 different locations.

On February 21-22, 2020, Kirivong District Police Inspectorate forces cracked down, destroyed and burned nine illegal marijuana plantations on an area of ​​1,022 square meters and destroyed four reservoirs in Dup Angk Sreng, Kirivong District.

In the above operation, the task force immediately detained two suspects, while they were taking care of a marijuana plantation.
The two suspects are: Thon Land, 50, and Hav Hao, 38.

The suspects is currently facing questioning the search for fugitive accomplices are ongoing. POST NEWS

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