Chinese Trio Arrested After Taiwanese Pilot Attacked

Siem Reap: Bureau of Investigation and Procedure Investigators conducted a search for 3 Chinese nationals (one female) after a violent attack on February 21, 2020.

The three suspects are (*names removed at request of victim):
1-A male, 26, a Chinese artist.
2-A male, 25, a martial arts performancer
3 -A female, 23 Chinese airline employee

The victim was named as a 30 year old Taiwanese pilot living in Siem Reap.

At approximately 3:10 am in the morning of February 21, 2020, the three suspects carried out the attack, punching/kicking the victim in the face causing bleeding and damage to his teeth. They then fled.

After receiving complaints from the victim, the authorities investigated and brought the three suspects for questioning at the office.

The three foreigners are currently being detained by the Siem Reap Provincial Court to prepare a legal case. POST NEWS

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