British Cellist Buskers Raises Cash For Cambodian Books

Will Dod, 22, said he was ‘blown away’ by the ‘generosity and love’ from shoppers in Chichester, whilst playing his cello in the city centre ‘once or twice a week’ from early December until the beginning of February.

The keen traveller and film and music enthusiast was inspired by his landlord, Chris Howarth, who is also the founder of United World Schools (UWS) — a UK charity which builds and develops community schools for out-of-school children in South East Asia.

Will said: “I was honoured to be able to be part of what Chris is doing. If someone spends their own time helping children on the other side of the world, that says they are a really good person. That’s inspiring in itself.

“He set me a challenge of raising £500 but I brought in more than £1,000. The first batch of books are out and have been delivered to 100 schools.

“These books will change children’s lives. It will teach the children about our relationship with nature and how we can look after it. They will make a huge difference.

“It will be the first book some of these children have ever seen.”

Will, who said he has ‘always had an inner need to help people’, thanked everyone who donated in the city centre and said it was ‘lovely to see families with children stop and listen too’.

He said the most donations he received in an hour was £150.

UWS, which operates schools in Cambodia Myanmar (Burma), and Nepal, was founded in 2008 by Chris Howarth after he worked as a volunteer teacher in Cambodia with Voluntary Service Overseas.

Chris said, ‘thanks to Will’s dedication and the generosity of people in Chichester’, 1,800 books will be delivered to ethnic minority children in remote Cambodia. VIDEO: CHICHESTER OBSERVER

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