Westerdam Americans Returning Home

An American couple who previously said they were ‘in limbo‘ are reported to be on their way back to the states. Steve Muth, of Onsted, Michigan, and his wife are expecting to arrive at Detroit Metro Airport on Wednesday night.

Earlier this week Mr. Muth had criticized the US State Department’s handling of the Westerdam passengers.

“The real story here is our state department has not been helpful at all,” Muth was quoted as saying in a report by CLICKONDETROIT.

Muth also said the American Ambassador to Cambodia hadn’t visited the hotel where the passengers have been staying.

“If I had 600 plus Americans in crisis in transit I think I’d be here. Maybe once a day, maybe twice a day. I may camp out here,” Muth said. “We’re the biggest, strongest country in the world and we have Embassy people who act like we’re the problem, and that’s really the challenge here.”

Mean Frank King, a comedian who worked on the Westerdam arrived back in Springfield Oregon on Tuesday.

After a female passenger was diagnosed with COVID-19 after reaching Malaysia, Mr. King told NBC16

“And so that stopped everybody from moving, nobody else left the ship. We were stuck in the hotel from which I self deported,”

He later found out he had been fired from the cruise line for leaving quarantine.

“You know it’s not my fault, I was cleared by the CDC twice, it’s not like I committed some horrible turpitude, I just dodged a bullet,” King said.

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