Tycoon Makes Facebook Poll For Rolls Royce Damage

Phnom Penh: At 1:00 am on Thursday, February 13, 2020, a Rolls-Royce was struck by a Camry which ran a red light, causing extensive damage.

Rolls-Royce owner, Oknha Duong Chhay posted on his Facebook account to poll the public on whether he should forgive or take legal action against man who crashed into his car. The tycoon also revealed the repair bill for the Rolls Royce; $ 141,504.

Separately, the victim posted a message asking for forgiveness, he said that he was the son of a farmer, living day to day and that his father was sick and did not have the money to pay for the Oknha’s car. Facebook account Bou Vanny said: “Hello, my dear parents, my dear Okhna, Duong Chhay, please forgive me and forgive the accident between my car and your car. This is because of my negligence, yes, I did not respect the traffic lights, and so on! So be kind to me, how can I afford to repair the car for thousands of dollars if I am a farmer, earn a day, live a day, and even get sick again?…… have mercy on my family. ” KHMERNOTE

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