839 Passengers Left Westerdam Today

Sihanoukville: (Last updated for February 15, 2020) Cruise ship MS Westerdam,has been transferring passengers for air travel back to their homeland under the coordination of Cambodian authorities

1st Flight departed 08:00 with 124 passengers from Sihanouk International Airport to Phnom Penh International National Airport.

2nd flight departed 08:30 am with 143 passengers

3rd flight left at 09:58 am with 158 people

4th flight departed at 11:26 pm with 118 passengers

5th flight departed at 12:35 pm with 104 passengers

6th flight departed at 13:15 pm with 122 passengers.

14 other passengers opted to travel on their own, while 56 crew took a bus to Phnom Penh International Airport.

A total of 839 passengers, passengers and crew left the ship today. Yesterday 415 people (405 passengers and 10 others requesting their own travel) left, so in total two days, the number of passengers and crew who left the ship was 1254. (Source: Provincial Information Department) via FACEBOOK

According to US EMBASSY, 2 flights taking passengers to Kuala Lumpur were cancelled, reasons unknown.

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