Tycoon’s Rolls Pranged Again

Phnom Penh: Tycoon Duong Chhay’s Rols-Royce was once again in the new after being hit by a car.

The incident happened at 1:15 am on the 13th of February, 2020, along Monivong Blvd, corner of Kampuchea Krom, at BS intersection in Monorom district, 7 Makara, Phnom Penh.

According to an unidentified tuk-tuk driver, the Rolls-Royce without a license plate belonging to Oknha Duong Chhay was heading south along Monivong. 

A Camry with Phnom Penh license plate 2AY-1549, was traveling from west to west along Kampuchea Krom at high speed and ran a red light, hitting the Rolls.

The owner of the Camry immediately came out to acknowledge the mistake and apologize, but Duong Chhay was angry that the Camry had ignored the stop light.

After the incident, both vehicles were taken to the Phnom Penh Municipal Commissioner for Traffic to wait for a settlement. POST NEWS

*Almost a year ago, a motorcycle hit the same car

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