Sen Sok Police Are Missing An Eagle

Phnom Penh: An eagle flew out of its cage in Sen Sok District Inspectorate. The eagle was one of a pair that a Sen Sok District Police Colonel has been raising.

According to sources, the eagle flew away after it was released from the cages for excercise on the evening of February 10. After an eagle flew away, the inspector mourned and saluted the rare animal.

According to the source, police officers searched overnight for the bird. On February 11, the eagle was spotted flying toward the rooftop of Sen Sok district military police headquarters. Then it came back to the roof of the Police Inspectorate.

Police also used various methods to coax the eagle down to eat, but with out success.

The eagle is said to be worth about $ 500. The Inspector of the Sen Sok district is optimistic that the eagle will fly down sooner or later and officers can catch it. MCPN

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