Vicious Attack On Young Kandal Woman

Kandal: On 9 February 2020, at 12.35 in Kampong Svay, Kandal province, a violent attack left a woman seriously injured.

The victim was named as Nun Srey Leak, female, 25.

The suspect named as Chak Poeun, male, 37, from the same area and an unknown accomplice escaped.

Before the attack, the victim was sleeping in her house alone. The suspect, who used to live with the victim (*as her boyfriend) came to the house smashing on the door, but she wouldn’t let him in. After the suspect made threats to kill her with a knife, she was so scared she opened the door and and tried to escape, but the suspect caught up and stabbed her in her hands, arm and leg.

After the incident, Kompong Svay police arrived and sent the victim to hospital and began a search for the suspects. (Warning, distressing images of scene) POST NEWS

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