The New Face Of Kampot?

*An advertorial taken from SWIFT

Kampot: Kampot is developing fast and developing infrastructure, including the extension of National Road 3 from Phnom Penh, the cement factory, the Kamchay hydroelectric power plant, the deep-water port, the French coastal community (French Riviera Marina) and establishing a special economic zone (SEZ).

Most importantly, it is worth noting that East Land And Home, a real estate development company founded in 2005, has been instrumental in the development EAST NATURAL CITY in Kampot Province. It now plans a large-scale project covering over 500 hectares of Estates Rochester City, the first natural city project in Cambodia.

Located close to Monivong National Park Project, in Bokor, this will be a smart development city, for tourism, natural history, a green and mountainous sea environment in the Kingdom of Cambodia.East World Resort is designed to give you a unique experience of holiday homes, fruit houses, bungalows, hybrid villas, single villas, business houses and plots, plus the construction of markets, resorts, foreign style parks, world famous World Heritage temples and an artificial beach.

Come now to experience the unique and unprecedented offerings of the first ever urban nature project in Cambodia, Estate City.

Project Details: 096 9999 021 | 081 403 168 | 071 9999 021 | 078 342 168 Or visit the company’s sales office at B2-109, B2-110, Elyse, Diamond Island, Phnom Penh.

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