English Teacher Steals Phone

Kandal: A suspect was arrested for theft on February 08, 2020 at 1:30 pm at the Amazon Café, Takhmao Village, Takhmao District, Kandal Province.
The victims was Kant Sathya, a 16-year-old male student.
The suspect was named as Phim Sovann Thoeun, a 38-year-old ‘American’ (*other sources say he is not American, but a local English teacher, others say he can only speak English-confusing), employed as an English teacher in Takhmao city.

A black iPhone 7+ was revovered..

The victim had been drinking coffee and using his phone, when he left it in his backpack, left the bag on the chair and went to the bathroom. The suspect, who was sitting next to him, stole the phone and fled. 

The victim asked to see security camera footage, saw the theft and then filed a complaint at Takhmao and continued to search for the suspect.

Soon after he saw the suspect sitting in the coffee shop in the cafeteria behind Sovannaphum school and called police, who searched him and found the phone.

In front of the cops, the suspect admitted to the theft and was taken away for further proceedings. POST NEWS

UPDATE: He was remanded in custody in Kandal prison.

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