Dangerous Stolen Rice From Broken Down Train

Sihanoukville: At about 3 am on February 07, 2020, a freight train shipping rice from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville for export broke down near the Stung Hav Coal Power Plant. As it was waiting on the tracks to be repaired, people came to the cabin (*probably means the containers) to steal some rice.

Officials at the Sihanoukville train station said that while the train was not yet operational, some people took the rice.

Later reports say 16 bags of rice are missing, each weighing 50 kg. 

The same official informed that the rice on the train may still have pesticide residues, that can affect the health, and that the people who stole the rice must be very careful. (Facebook Source Huy Bunleng News) Via KBN

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