Murdered Student’s Military Fiance Still At Large

Phnom Penh: On February 6, 2020, an assassin, an army officer in Unit 70, with rank of lieutenant colonel (*this rank has changed many times) who shot and killed his fiance, a medical student, has yet to be arrested.

The medical student was murdered at 12.10 am on January 17, 2020 in Borey Romchek, Khan Kambol, Phnom Penh.

The victim Chun Dina, a 26-year-old female student at the Asian Institute of Science and an online cosmetics seller who was staying at the scene, died while being sent to the hospital for treatment.

The suspect, Yeun Vandeth, about 30 years old is accused of shooting her and fleeing when on the way to the hospital.

Since the murder, several media outlets have shown Facebook posts from the suspect, who is still free (*the Khmer source article is very critical of how the case has been handled). AREY

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