Three Coronvirus Carriers From Cambodia In Shenzhen

Phnom Penh: Three Chinese passengers who were on the same flight as Cambodia’s first patient with New Coronary Pneumonia confirmed were diagnosed with the new coronavirus after returning to Shenzhen from Cambodia.

According to the information released by the WeChat public account of the Shenzhen Municipal Health Committee of China (pictured) yesterday, from 12:00 on February 1 to 12:00 on February 2, there were 37 new confirmed cases of pneumonia infected with a new coronavirus in Shenzhen, of which three were Chinese citizens traveling to Shenzhen from Cambodia.

The three patients included two women and one man.

A 62-year-old from Wuhan, Hubei who was found to have the virus on January 29 is still in isolation in Sihanoukville hospital, but is reported to be in a healthy condition

Of the 73 passengers who flew with the man named Jia¬†Jianhua , at least 34 have returned to China, the rest remain in Cambodia, and some are “unaccounted for.”

In order to prevent the spread of the epidemic, the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia, together with Cambodian authorities have actively sought passengers arriving on the same flight as the diagnosed patient, and coordinated Lan Mei Airlines to bring 34 people who came to Cambodia on the same flight to Shenzhen, China.

*This story also appears in CHINESE-CAMBODIAN NEWS

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