Khmer Cinema: The Love Hook (Kampong Speu)

A new Khmer movie “The Love Hook” has released its official trailer trailer recently. The movie is a production of Space Sp, directed by Von Bun Sim.

After a teaser trailer, The Love Hook has been widely criticized for copying the hit Thai film “Injuries” with the two movies having similar content and almost identical scenes.

Following the outburst of criticism, Vorn Bun Sim, the producer and director came out to deny any copying. He said in an interview with KPT Plus that the content may seem similar, but it’s still not the same. He said “The Love Hook” is the work of Chan Sarin, a professor of theater, and is an account of a true story of an elder in the village where the author lived when he was a teenager in the 80s. 

He mentioned that the storyboarding process, the design scenario, and the recording took three years to produce. He stressed that if this was a true copy, it would not take long.

It is a film about a wealthy old man who falls in love with a woman who is already in debt. The old man wanted a young wife, not afraid of criticism and uses the power of wealth and all manner of tricks to get her.

Looking back at the shooting, Von Bun Sim said he had never realized that Thailand had made such a feature film. In addition, he said that Thailand and Khmer have many similar cultures, such as living, worship, tradition, rituals, etc. He added that Cambodians have buffaloes, while Thailand also has buffalo. 

He added that he loved the scenery, so he decided to choose the location of Kampong Speu.

Von Bun Sim has finally confirmed that he is making Khmer movies not because of his business, but because of his love of film and wanted to share some educational message for the audience.

The movie stars Sok Sovethvith, Sorn Piseth, On Sopheak, Miss Anita Vivian, and a number of other actors. It will be released in Cambodian theaters in February 20, 2020. KPT+

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