CPU: Belgian Arrested After Working As Teacher

Belgium National arrested for Offences Committed in Cambodia

A Belgian national has been arrested in his home country after returning from Cambodia where he had been teaching for 2 months as an intern English teacher, following an International Joint Investigation (IJI).

The 57-year-old male who arrived in Cambodia in October, was under a prohibition order from a Belgium Court forbidding him to have any contact with or be in the presence of children.

In a joint investigation, the CPU, Belgium Federal Police, Interpol Cambodia, the Ministry of Interior and Cambodian National Police, launched an investigation into his activities and discovered he had been visiting and working at an educational facility.

Evidence was gathered and sent to the Belgium authorities, who arrested him upon his return to the country. The male was searched and is believed to have been found in possession of images of Cambodian children.

He will be sent to a Belgium court for prosecution.

This was a great effort by all agencies involved to monitor a convicted sex offender coming to Cambodia and putting Cambodian children at risk. Investigations are ongoing.

“It is a timely warning for any sex offender thinking of traveling to Cambodia. YOU will be investigated, You will be prosecuted either in Cambodia or your home country. Be under no misapprehension, Cambodia is committed and dedicated to preventing, disrupting and prosecuting people who commit crimes against children.”

– James McCabe Director of Operations CPU

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