No new Virus Cases, But 4 Children Die In 3 Accidents

There have been no more cases of coronavirus in Cambodia. The single Chinese man who was found to carry the virus is doing well, and if his condition continues to improve he will return to China soon.

In other news, a 9 year old girl named Ngoen Vandeth was killed and her 2 sisters injured in an accident in Pursat city. The driver of the van who hit the girls on their motorcycle ran way.

Two unidentified high school students were killed after a crash with a minivan in Bakan district, Pursat.

And finally, in Tbong Khmom, Tith Seang Long Jing, a 6 year old boy, was killed when a truck carrying bricks up a hill in Prek Kraeck district overturned and crushed him.

WARNING: Links contain graphic images. RIP to all.

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