Battambang City Residents Warned After UXO Find

Battambang: A notification dated 29 January warns citizens living along the river in Battambang City to stay away from the park or remain indoors.

According to the notice from the city administration, the reason for the appeal came after UXOs were discovered during infrastructure work. A mine team inspection found that there were several unexploded ordnance on the site, some of which have been cleared and collected by the task force.

Work will be carried out to remove or destroy the ordnance during January 30, 2020 from 8:00 am.

UPDATE: Now believed to be a 120 mm bomb or shell, found in the riverbed. It is dangerous to move in its current state.

*The nearby Wat Sanker was used as an ammo dump by the Khmer Rouge until 1979.

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