Search For 58 Passengers On Last Wuhan Flight

After the first case of coronavirus was confirmed on Monday, a search is on to find fellow passengers who also took Flight LQ809, which departed from Wuhan at 03:59 on January 23, shortly before the airport officially closed at 10:00. This flight was the last flight to Cambodia’s Sihanoukville before the official closure of Wuhan.

The names of all 79 passengers of the flight have been obtained. They were announced as follows: LIST

It is reported that 21 of the 79 passengers on the flight were members of tour groups and have now been contacted. The other 58 were individual travellers who dispersed on arrival. Except for the patient and his families who are currently under observation, and a few who have reported to the hospital for inspection and automatic isolation, most of them have not yet been contacted.

Passengers in this group are requested to fully realize the seriousness of the problem, and to report themselves as soon as possible, to avoid the expansion of virus. Chinese in Cambodia are also requested to act quickly. If passengers are found or known, try their best to advise or actively report the information.


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