UPDATE: Body In A Bag Found By Phnom Penh Fisherman

PHNOM PENH – A man went out fishing and caught a black bag with a terrible smell at Long Chhin pond, Phsar Lech village, Prek Pnov commune, Prek Pnov district, Phnom Penh.

According to sources, the person had been fishing in the pond a caught whiff of a bad smell. He thought it was just something rotten in the water and continued fishing. Later he saw a black bag, and the odor became worse. Suspicious, he caught and tore open the black bag and saw a decomposed body inside. Immediately told the villagers to report it to the authorities.

Later reports say that the unidentified body was male, and had been cut into pieces before being placed in the bag.

After finding the corpse dumped in the water, the scene was inspected and the body sent for forensic examination at Wat Stung Treng pagoda. POST

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