Khmer-Australian Awarded ‘Young Citizen 2020’

A Cambodian born restaurateur has been given Young Citizen of the Year Award for the city of Adelaide on Australia day 2020.

Sreymom Lund runs the Little Khmer Kitchen Cambodian street food stall in the city’s Central Market Arcade.

The Australia Day Citizen of the Year Awards are proudly presented by the Australia Day Council of South Australia, On the Run, Sarah Constructions and Channel 9 Adelaide. The Awards are presented at Australia Day events in Councils across South Australia.

The Awards reward and recognise individuals and organisations that have made a noteworthy contribution to a local community, above and beyond normal employment duties.

Mom was born and raised in Cambodia, where she lived as an orphan before being adopted by an Australian family, eventually moving to Adelaide in 2011 after high school to study anthropology and developmental studies at the University of Adelaide.

On her Facebook page Sreymom wrote:

“Today is another very special day and great milestone for me to receive such a prestigious award, the city of Adelaide young citizen of the year. I am truly humbled and it’s a huge honour. Australia Day means a great deal to me and my family. Being Australian is what binds us together and is something we are very proud of. I have been thinking a lot about what it means to be Australian. A few words that come to mind are multicultural, proud, passionate, and determined. A reflection I can see in myself and others around me. A place where I can bring my passion for promoting Cambodian culture, identity, and food to Australia and the world. Through hard work and determination, I have been able to achieve my goal and lead by example for other young Australians. I truly view this award not just as an award for me but as an endorsement of young Australian leadership roles. It is an encouragement for young Australians to pursue their dreams. Whether big or small, it does not matter, because no vision is ever too small. Your short term goals may not define where you might be in the future.
Over my first year running Little Khmer Kitchen I have received lots of encouragement and support from people across Adelaide, from interstate and overseas, but most particularly the stall holders within the Adelaide Central Market and Arcade. We have a strong sense of community. They are my supporters and mentors. Furthermore, a big thank you to my loyal customers for believing in me. Thank you to those who nominated me and thank you Australia Day Council for this award. I congratulate all the other nominees. There are so many inspiring people there today, and in that regard I feel very humble.
I will continue to work hard, and to do my best to create a better Australia.

Orkun – Thank you”

A well known Australian restaurant owner and Sunday roast aficionado told CNE:

“Great to see Cambodian cuisine and Culture recognised internationally.”

Read more about Little Khmer Kitchen HERE

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