Pig Price Increases For Spring Festival

Kandal: It’s good news for pig farmers, as high demand has pushed up prices of piglets for Chinese New Year on January 24th.

A pig seller said the average price for a swine was $65 this year, and when cooked he will sell for $ 100 or more. “One kilo for $ 20,” said another, “In 2020, anywhere pig (prices) are going up. Twice, last year, the weight of the 10 kg pig was only $ 100 or $ 120, but this year the same size goes for $ 200 or more.”

A trader stated that he did not know why, but there were fewer pigs and more orders, and the price always goes up when pigs are scarce. KPT

*Worth noting that African Swine Fever (ASF) badly effected the pig farming trade in China, Vietnam and some parts of Cambodia in 2019.

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