UPDATE: Burned Body Found In Kambol Cemetery

PHNOM PENH: (Breaking news)- A little after 8:00 am on January 23, 2020, Kambol commune, Phnom Penh, a body of a man was discovered in the Chinese cemetery.

UPDATE: A man was spotted in the afternoon of the 22nd carrying beer. People assumed he was visiting a grave site.

Early reports suggest the man was murdered and then set alight.

UPDATE: After an examination by police and doctors, the man was named as Pov Sok Khorn, 41, of Samaki 4 Village, Trapeang Krasang Commune, Por Senchey District. He was mentally ill and had attempted suicide by burning in the past.

Police therefore concluded that this was a suicide case, and not a murder.

Police are investigating. IMAGES (warning)

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